The way to Mint 10KWorldCup & Pick your national team in favor

Nov 6, 2022


All you need:

1)10KWorldCup official website:

2)According to the list below, your wallet address should reserve enough ETH for minting & gas fee. For example, a Luckylist owner is qualified to mint 2, and 0.07 ETH plus gas fee is necessary to mint 2.

Enter the Official Website in:

Attention: all the following words and images including the showing time, are coming from the testing environment, and it is for reference only.

After the Count Down of minting,it would shows the mint page.
In mint page,you could check the info like, start time of different list, available mint quantity and price, etc.
Be patient and it would come to your list to start minting.
When it started, ensure the quantity you mint, and press ‘mint now’.
Double check in pop-up window, then “Confirm”. It shows the type of list, and the minting amount.
You could use “Send to different wallet”, and allocate the NFTs to other wallets. Attention: make sure the address is correct.
Wake up wallet and do the last ‘Confirm’.
In Loading Page, waiting for around 3 mins…meanwhile you could ‘Click to see the Transaction’ for details.
Congrats!! It shows you mint NFT successfully. Catch your time to pick a favorite team !!! Before blind pick, max quantity for each team is 800. If you don’t pick a team, your NFT will remain unknown until all NFTs will pick a team for you randomly.
One NFT, for each country, for once
The options are 32 teams.
Confirm. No chance to change.
Now you should choose another team for your Next NFT. WARNING: 30min cool down for choosing the same team !!!
It shows in “My NFTs”. If you forget ‘national team’ trait for your NFT,you could click’My Nfts’ to select the trait.




10K World Cup is the first Social Game NFT collection for Sports fans allover the world.