Plan for 2nd Round minting

2 min readNov 8, 2022


Dear 10KWorldCup Players:

Yesterday, we were continually under drastic DDoS attacks, which were over 10 million requests in minutes, and made the minting experiences badly for the listed users, we’re deeply sorry for that, and totally understand the feeling.For the whole community’s good, we decided to temporally suspend the mint just before the Luckylist minting began, and re-open it when the problems are solved.

Now, the mint fund is safely locked on contract, some of the Builderlist, Superlist, and part of Luckylist had minted (cuz the front-end cache), and the others including Whitelist have not.

What we are doing now:
1. Upgrade the protection strategy, replay the process of attacking and test the new security strategy, try our best to make sure minting smoothly during the 2nd round
2. Analysis the minting data, take out a relative fair plan for all supporters who missed the minting
3. Keep in touch with the Captains and Communities, collaborating, and everything in the plan, online / offline events, etc.

Our Plan for 2nd Round minting
Time: Nov 13, 10AM UTC+8, for most of our community’s convenient(and also different from the 1st round)
Mint: details will be announced in next 24h

We are grateful and motivated by all the sports & NFT fans here, that’s the most precious part of the project. Web3 innovation is just like a match, full of challenges, since we are lucky to get all you guys here, we believe we can overcome any challenges, and we’ll definitely keep building the Sports NFT community for all of us.

The party has not really even started yet, let’s move on!

10KWorldCup Team

Never Give Up




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