10KWorldCup White Paper

5 min readOct 22, 2022


10KWorldCup is the first Social-Game NFT with the World Cup Theme, and also derivative PFP from dozens of BAYCs’ licenses. Now 140+BAYC/PUNK/MAYC holders have joined the project to be captains of 32 National teams all over the world. 10KWorldCup NFT is enabled by social quiz games, points, and other functions that make it much more than PFP. After the 2022 World Cup, 10KWorldCup will be retained as a brand of football NFT, and a new brand ‘10KSportsClub’ will be launched then, ready to be built as the №1 brand of global sports NFT.

10KWorldCup Info:

A. Total Supply: 10K Including 480 reserved for building community: Captains,events, collaborations, and more.

B. Price:

BL/SL/WL= 0.035 ETH


All ETHs sales will be used in rewarding holders & community members, project development, community building, and philanthropy. The following allocation is calculated at the minimum mint price of 0.035E:

C. Mint:

Mint & National trait: When the MINT starts, holders shall immediately get to the official website to choose the national team traits for the NFTs they hold(If a national team has been chosen 800 times, it can’t be chosen any more. If an NFT has not selected a country by the time of reveal, it will be randomly assigned with a nation).

Mint Day: Nov 6

1)BuilderList: Max 8/wallet, for Captains/MOD/OG, mint before superlist

2)SuperList: Max 4/wallet, for Partnership members, mint before whitelist

3)WhiteList: Max 2/wallet, for 10K players/raffles/blupchip NFT holders

D. 10KWorldCup Gameplay:

  1. Single Game (Points only): To bet on the winning team of a game at the group-stage (handicaps set by both teams). Participants use the points to bet. The winners will share the points of the losing side and receive NFT attribute-upgrade rewards.
  2. Quarter-Final Quiz (43.75% of prize pool,minimum 117ETH): After the group stage is over, the quarter-final betting game begins. Any NFT holder can initiate a proposal of the final 8 teams and choose the NFT they’re holding to join the proposal(either initiated by themselves or others).

When all 8 nations of the proposal is filled, the registration for the Final 8 quiz proposal is completed. All the NFTs that joined the winning proposals, will share prize of 117ETH evenly. If no proposal wins, the rewards will automatically accumulate in the prize pool for the championship.

Final 8 proposals can be organized on the official website, and you can quit halfway (consuming the points) and rejoin other proposals. If an NFT in the proposal has been sold but not quitted manually, it will not affect the proposal, the NFT is still in.

3. Championship Quiz (43.75% of prize pool,minimum 117ETH) Who hold the champion nation NFT will share 117 ETH evenly by the amount of NFTs.

4. Lucky Draw (12.5%, minimum 33 ETH) For the 24 teams that do not make it to the quarter-final, a total of 240 lucky winners (10 lucky winners drawn from each country on the chain) will share 12.5% of the prize pool.

5. Points (The main sources): Register & Share, Daily Tasks, Game betting, Official event rewards, Football mini-game.

  • Points can be used for:
    - Exchange for NFTs, NFT-related merchandise
    - Exchange for NFT special accessories
    - Game betting, Participate in official graffiti wall drawing, etc.

E. 10KSportsClub Roadmap:

A new brand ‘10KSportsClub’ will be launched after 2022 World Cup, targeting №1 NFT Sports brand in the world.

1)NFT staking
After the 2022 World Cup, the NFT stacking will be available. Holders can receive ‘special points’ by stacking 10K NFT, and the reward points’ amount is according to the selected stacking term. When the 10K Sports Club Web3 game launches, we will also take out a Token incentivization plan based on the user’s points and behaviors. Users can exchange for 10ksportsclub’s ecosystem TOKEN, airdrop by selecting the TOKEN’s withdraw period (the longer the period is, the more tokens can be exchanged for the same points).

2)New NFT projects
10K World Cup is collaborating with the partners who have lots of Sports stars’ IP and tournaments resources around the world. We’ll provide professional NFT related services to the partners in the 1st Half of 2023. In the beginning of the 1st half of 2023, a series of NFT products of different sports games and celebrities will be issued, and the holders of 10KWorldCup can enjoy benefits such as airdrops and whitelists.

3)NFT Game
A series of web3 sports casual games will be launched during Q3 2023. The management team works with multiple partners who have rich, successful experiences in designing, developing, and operating GameFi projects. The team will fully use YUGA’s powerful IP resources to carry out derivative creations and explore new models of NFT games. Some NFT products previously released will be enabled as game characters or key props.

At the same time, the ecosystem token of 10ksportsclub will help the game to establish a healthy economic model and build the entire web3 sports ecosystem of 10ksportsclub. By the end of 2023, the web3 game will have a target expectation of more than 100,000 active users, and the utility TOKEN will be launched on major Exchanges.

4) Community
Our long-term goal is to build the world’s №1 WEB3 sports community, covering the major sports events and games. The short-term goal is to build the world’s leading football NFT community. Sports are beyond the religions and nations, naturally have a sustainable topic with a lot of fans. We will fully respect them, build a healthy and friendly community, and establish a decentralized organization of 10KDAO according to the development progress.

Donation for Cameroon Football🇨🇲

Furthermore, we will continually pay attention to philanthropies in undeveloped regions and donate to the people for their sports careers. “LOVE Sports, but Beyond Sports”. We hope to build this consensus in our community, we can all enjoy ourselves with sports and web3, but also spread this love beyond sports and web3.

F. Core-team
BAYC holders (US/UK/HK/GZ): BAYC*7, MAYC*8, PUNK*2, Bluechip NFT 50+

Community Founders: Bluechip communities founders & core builders, 100+high quality NFT communities connections

PM&RD: Web3 experiences since 2016, GameFi project experiences over 100,000+ Users

Website: www.10kworldcup.com

Twitter: twitter.com/10KWorldCup

Discord: discord.gg/10KWorldCup




10K World Cup is the first Social Game NFT collection for Sports fans allover the world.